Meet the RIPANI bags.

A new brand in the MILANO FASHIONROOM portfolio: the Italian brand of RIPANI handbags. Stylish high-quality RIPANI bags are designed for those who prefer classics, practicality, comfort and traditions in harmony with the most fashionable trends. RIPANI is a sophisticated everyday bag for an elegant lady or girl.

Braiding, calfskin with nap, suede, animal prints, a combination of fur and leather, the effect of snake skin - these and other materials, textures and technologies are used in the collection of RIPANI handbags of the FW20 / 21 season. The colors of the new collection are classic winter: black, gray, ocher, shades of brown - from hot chocolate to shimmering bronze.

+7 499 251 6101
2016, showroom Milano
created with Leadera