Founded in 1959, the maison Plinio Visona is named after the founder, master artisan and enlightened entrepreneur. Nowadays the company is headed by Plinio's sons Mara and Davide, who continue the family tradition by developing the brand in an innovative and cosmopolitan way, thus spreading all over the world the identity and core values of Italian craftsmanship and fashion. Strictly handcrafted in our artisan workshop in Vicenza, Plinio Visona's bags portrait the very essence of creativity, know-how, and made in Italy. Every button, tissue, stitching gets through some very accurate quality controls, in order to qualify for our high quality standard. The entire production cycle of a Plinio Visona's bag is born from the skillful hands of our stylists and master artisans, and develops along the traditional path on the Visona family.


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2016, showroom Milano
created with Leadera