PLINIO VISONA. Undeniable brand excellence.

PLINIO VISONA has reached such a maturity that it can easily only visually convey the true essence of the Italian brand. A very contemporary brand that stays true to the DNA it has created over the years. The perfect characteristics of PLINIO VISONA bags, be they images, shapes, details and interpretations, fully convey the feeling of genuine, true, undeniable brand excellence.

The strategic goal of the PLINIO VISOA Spring-Summer 2021 advertising campaign remains, without a doubt, branding and positioning. With all the variety of brand new models in the SS2021 collection, the iconic LINDA Anniversary bag in its summer version is an absolute favorite of the campaign, highlighting the strength and sophistication of the brand.

The red-haired models showing new summer bags were not chosen by chance - their appearance emphasizes and enhances the brand's image - referring to the Botticelli copper-haired beauties (Italian traditions), associating bright red-haired ladies with the “peppercorn” (unusual and original details of the bags), emphasizing the uniqueness of the collection (renewed model range).

Very soon we will be able to enjoy not only the bags from the PLINIO VISONA SS2021 collection, but also fully enjoy the professional and incredibly beautiful images of the advertising campaign of the new collection.

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2016, showroom Milano
created with Leadera