EUFORICO. Italian in Russia.

EUFORICO, the new boutique of Italian women's clothing and accessories, was opened in RIGA MALL trading center. The boutique’s concept - Italian Style - is fully reflected in the interior and assortment of the store. All goods are fully Made in Italy. Fans of the Italian style will find in EUFORICO women's clothing, knitwear, down jackets, sheepskin coats, coats with fur, bags and leather goods. The Italian brands SHE'S SO, BIANCA LANCIA, TONET, PIER ANTONIO GASPARI, BRIAN DALES, VIOLANTI, FEDERICA TOSI, SONIA SPECIALE, LE FATTE, PLINIO VISONA, ERMANNO ERMANNO SCERVINO, HARLEO, MANZONI 24 presents in the boutique. From elegant women's clothing to youth creative fashion, - buyers will be able to create their stylish and fashionable total look.

+7 499 251 6101
2016, showroom Milano
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