Italian brand of women's wear PEPITA.

The brand Pepita was created at the end of the ’80s thanks to the eclectic and creative talent of Sabrina Tonti. A brand new style completely, different from the past, which originated from the desire of introducing colour and liveliness in homewear without giving up practicality and glamour. PEPITA style is ironic and fun, but also sophisticated and trendy it exalts materials, cuts, and colours for a style that combines home & street. Every year lively collections, “dedicated to women who want to please themselves, feeling a bit Lolita and bit Audrey Hepburn at the same time”, combining taste, irony, and elegance are presented. Nowadays PEPITA offers a brand-new total look by placing side by side a sparkly easywear collection to the historical night & homewear one. The new exclusive brand Pepita Forte dei Marmi, beachwear. “Twenty-four seven”: twenty-four hours a day, seven days a weeks. This is Pepita 24/7 style, the total look conceived to accompany us all day long. A casual and chic style that proposes chameleonic articles that can change appeal according to the interpretations and matches. 



+7 499 251 6101
2016, showroom Milano
created with Leadera